The MAG Foundation

The MAG Foundation is a registered charity set up to support initiatives into motorcycle and scooter safety and security matters.

The aims and the objectives of the Foundation are to promote motorcycling through: Research – Representation – Collaboration for the public benefit and raising awareness and understanding of environmental road safety and security issues relating to the use of motorcycles and scooters and to research and investigate solutions to these issues.

The Foundation research program aims to use its research to represent the opinions of the motorcycling community as a whole and offer sound information to government, the industry, other riders’ organisations and the motorcycling press.

Motorcycle theft is a big issue with riders and the Foundation's first seminar back in 2004 concentrated to give the participants a deeper understanding of the issues relating to the identificaton and examination of stolen motorcycles and how to work with other organisations to combat this problem.

The Foundation has produced a booklet identifying secure parking throughout the country which it hopes to transfer onto a Mobile App once a suitable solution can be found. This booklet was another milestone for the Foundation in its aims to provide information not just for riders, but for councils that do not provide secure parking for motorcycles or so that they can improve their existing facilities. The first edition covered most of the country; each council was contacted and further information was provided by numerous other sources

Safety has become more and more an issue with governments and now global transport safety is under the authority of the World Health Organisation. We don’t know how this will affect us, but we need to be prepared with the right answers. We need to make sense of the facts and figures so that we can make informed decisions for the benefit of the motorcycling community.

Motorcycle Theft is spiralling out of all proportion and the Foundation is supporting a number of initiatives including stolen motorcycle recovery schemes in some of the major cities across the UK. The Foundation has recently re-launched the "Lock 2 Lock" initiative which encourages riders to loop chains when no other anchor point is available hence making the two vehicles chained together more secure

Get a Grip and Kill Spills were both fully supported by the motorcycling community, and the Foundation intends to re-launch these schemes when time and funds allow

The Foundation has no members or regular subscribers and relies totally on donations. The Trustees are all volunteers and we have no paid staff. You can donate directly to the foundation by calling 01926 844064 or sending cheques/postal orders to

The MAG Foundation,
Unit C13,
Holly Farm Business Park,

You can also donate to the Foundation via on-line shopping websites such as "Give as you Live" and "Amazon Smile" which costs you no extra to shop via these initiatives.